Hello ! My name is Marie — but you probably knew that if you made it this far. I am a graphic designer who focuses on type design and branding. Freshly graduated from an MA in Typography and Design.
Want more fine print ?


My name is very French but I was raised in the UK. I am fully bilingual and it's very hard for me to separate languages ! I studied Linguistics at University College London for a year, then a graphic design BA in Paris, then went to live in Montréal for an internship, then I spent a year working in the publishing industry for Quarto in Brighton, UK, then moved back to Paris for a final stretch of higher education.
All these adventures taught me a lot, and I wouldn't change a thing. You're welcome to read my blog to learn more about why I do what I do and see what inspires me ! If you are interested in working together, please email me ☑︎

The portrait of me is by Virginie Garnier ©.