Lettre d'amour #5

Another letter, another favourite alphabet !
I'm starting to love this blog series because it's also a way to share work by designers I really admire.


This is the "e" from Sans Everything by Sandrine Nugue. If you are from the graphic design world you must have heard from, downloaded and used her Infini typeface.

While I admire the Infini project, I love this one infinitely more (see what I did there?). I was lucky enough to see her speak about her work not once but twice, and these letters always stuck with me.

Sans Everything stemmed from the need to create a typeface which could be stencilled and used with spray paint, as signage. If I remember well, it was for a student housing residence in northern France. Now, we all now how difficult it is to stencil letters: you need to take counters into account and make little paper bridges so they don't fall off.

Sans Everything makes intelligent use of the stencil as a constraint. This e is so cleverly built. I can't imagine the amount of work and research which must have gone into creating the different shapes.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do ! (ok, I'm not sure anyone actually can but here's to hoping)

Lettre d'amour #4

Happy New Year !

I took a longer break than I expected, but it felt good. For 2018's first post, let's have a look at this beautiful glyph.


This is from a project by Violaine et Jérémy, a studio I absolutely love. Their typography work is stunning and never fails to catch my eye. The alphabet is used in the first issue of W magazine, a thematic employment guide.

I like looking at this letter in isolation because of small details. (Don't look too closely at it though, it's been rasterized and is not completely faithful to the original drawing which can be seen here). I think it has so much personality. If you've clicked on the picture link, just look at how much it stands out within the word "guide".

I like the asymetry in the counter, how the curve suddenly gets thinner towards the bottom. Another thing I like is how well the serifs respond to each other on the stem, going left then right. 

Lettre d'amour #3

Happy Boxing Day !

Here I am, blogging about type... And today's lettre d'amour is the lowercase "c" from Futura Medium:


Paul Renner's Futura turned ninety this year ! It probably doesn't need an introduction, so my friends let's get straight to the point : those terminals... 

Terminals are the curves which finish off the "c" in this case. And here they are cut rather abrubtly, almost as if the "c" came from an "o" which had been cut straight through. Of course the drawing of the letter is more subtle than that, but I always find that shape pretty shocking, especially when I look at the alphabet as a whole. It's all I can see !

For this series, I wanted to pick all kind of letters, and not necessarily ones which are the most aesthetically pleasing. I've read posts about this C before, and I'm definitely not the first person to pick up on this detail.. There are many reasons which pushed Renner towards this choice. To be completely honest, I'm still not sure what I make of it. Food for thought ! Here's a nice article if you want to know more about the design of Futura.

So, what should Paul have done ?