Romane and Manuel are two typefaces I designed to go with my diploma project, Livrets de famille. The work started as a physical exploration of my parents’ library, and the typographic treasures I found there.

Romane is inspired by covers of my mother’s novels (romans in French), while Manuel was drawn from my father’s old engineering manuals. To give life to those typefaces, I created twenty-four book jackets, one for each year. The pictures used are all from family albums, also found in the library, while the titles reference vivid memories or quotes from specific moments. The author names are all anagrams of my parents’ names. Inside the books are the original scans of their library, so viewers may appreciate the beauty of the collection.

The result is my own library, created from the library which paved the way to a lifelong love of type, images and books.

Art Direction ✂︎ Marie Boulanger
Supervisors ★ Grégoire Belot, Mathieu Réguer
Printing ⚅ Imprimerie Launay Paris

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